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clockwork, magical, electronic, spiritual

all doll girls are valid regardless of their animating principle

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also hush's continuum tears can fuck off forever. some touhou shit

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had a good night of isaac-ing last night

got a delirium kill on Azazel, unlocked the forgotten, then immediately took him to hush and the lamb. love that funky bone boy

"where do you work out?" "at the gigalocephaly treatment center"

wow i love shin megami tensei, i wish christianity was real

me every single episode of lycoris recoil: oh they're so gay

i wish isaac had a "random character but only from the set of characters i like" option

*watching local news* woah they're like live streamers

the absolute wackiest run i've ever had. wafer, holy mantle, lachryphagia + azazel...

plugged a computer in via ethernet for the first time in years

we're going to turn this slaughterhouse into a slaughterhome :)

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