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if i were a fourier series approximating a discontinuous function i would simply not overshoot it by 18%

when i look up stuff on wikipedia i keep thinking i'm on a different wiki because i'm so used to the globe icon being *the* signifier for 'hey, you're on wikipedia'

video game streaming stuff looks convenient/might very well be cheaper but i refuse to use it out of general principle

the Michigan J. Frog cartoon is one of those things that makes no sense in a modern age with smartphones

okay last thing about this: i found an article about how schoolhouse rock influenced/was sampled in later hip hop albums, and it ends with a quote from Bob Dorough, The SchoolHouse Rock Guy, and it's the most adorable "are ya winnin son" quote imaginable kalfdahsdlf

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it's kind of funny how questions about digit representations of numbers like "are there infinitely many prime numbers that are palindromes in base 10" tend to be hard/unsolvable because, in a sense, base-n representation is an 'arbitrary' property

see, for example, normal numbers (numbers where each sequence of digits appears equally often in its expansion); almost all numbers are normal, but afaik no number has been proved to be normal that wasn't basically 'created' to be normal

twitter bullshit, politics 

one of the most Extremely Online circular firing squad politics things i ever saw was someone apologizing for using the fact that someone's personal discord had a 'no politics' rule as evidence that they were cryptofascist

i really need to set up a cronjob/systemd timer to autorun media remove

I made this yesterday entirely for my own personal enjoyment but I'll share it here as well.
#Symphogear #anime

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