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(send something to a thread that blocks forever, make a cycle of refcounted stuff, or just call the function that literally leaks its argument)

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grumbling because i can't write the RAII API i wanted in Rust because you can leak memory in safe code

the jojo panels where yoshikage kira does his big speech except it's the riddick pasta

ready player one, but it's from an alternate universe so none of the references make any sense

i'm watching sparkles play ffxiv 5.0 and

god. i'm so gay for y'shtola

mane six as magic players

twilight sparkle: johnny, plays 20-minute combos
rainbow dash: thinks she's a spike, is actually a timmy
rarity: spike through and through. collects foils, alt-arts, etc.
fluttershy: exclusively plays group hug decks in edh. doesn't even try to win.
pinkie pie: plays pokemon tcg. is surprisingly good.
applejack: doesn't have time for your silly card games, pardner. plays blackjack.
spike: ironically, a timmy

Day 2 of Ring Fit: oh god my quads

seriously, whose fucking idea was it to have this chassis adjust dynamically like this


i am tired of telling people that saying shit like "transphobes aren't intelligent" isn't actually a good idea

Bigot: "People out there legitimately think there are seven genders or something."

Me: "What? That's rediculous."

Bigot: "Right?"

Me: "There are way more than seven"

reading an article from the economist and

> Tools that Silicon Valley has produced, such as email, video conferencing and messaging, make it possible to work remotely, which will help more companies expand in less expensive states.

damn, didn't know that ARPANET (email), Luxembourg (Skype), and Israel (ICQ) were part of Silicon Valley now

functionally it's the same, but it helps not having to import the enum *and* its functions

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one thing i really really like about rust is that you can define methods on enums, as opposed to them having to be free functions

why bother picking a gender to be attracted to, when you can just zero in on the most dysfunctional person in a 30 mile radius and make it your life’s goal to fix their situation

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