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clockwork, magical, electronic, spiritual

all doll girls are valid regardless of their animating principle

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partly because i wanna support the people that created the thing, partly because the knockoffs have the 'joystick' sticking out a bit which i don't like

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ordered a fidget cube (from the original makers, not one of the knockoffs)

given that i have vastly decreased interest in playing factorio, maybe i should restart omnifactory, or do a skyblock, or play satisfactory, or...

doll girl noises are quiet soft mechanical clicking and occasional music box chimes

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i am watching someone i follow on fedi go into undertale *completely blind*, somehow

it's great

doll alignment chart where the axes are physical composition (porcelain or similar material/anything artificial/anything) and mentality (must be utterly submissive/must be subservient, but can have free will/anything)

i'm watching a pair of vtubers do FFXIV and it's really weird seeing them actually talk about LotA like it has mechanics

is it gay for a pair of gynoids to beep at each other online

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