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actually this reminds me of this other shitty thing about the "open source bad because warranty disclaimer!!!" argument that article i hate made

*closed source software does this too*. and then they have another term saying 'if we aren't legally allowed to forbid you from claiming damages, the maximum damage you're allowed to claim is the amount you paid for this software'

truly, being able to recover $100 in damages if windows fucks up and eats all of my data forever by having to go through an arduous lawsuit against microsoft is so much better

pylance, the new language server implementation for visual studio code, has a clause in its license saying you can *only* use it with visual studio. fuck them.

@SuricrasiaOnline your chess 'open rp' post got linked in a telegram meme channel i'm in

you're e-famous, congrats

Also in his design doc for the Cactuar he specifically states it should ONLY be seen from the side

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This Robot Is Gay And There's Nothing You Can Do About It

im anti-echo-chamber. please block me if you agree with me on any topic

android custom ROM that just runs s/Android/Gynoid/g

that's it

though I would love to hear this mashup album if someone could figure out how the fuck to pull it off

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like for all of masto's faults it's amenable to third party clients, the web UI is way more responsive than twitter, and it's not made by people trying to get hashtag engagement with their latest feature

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it is amazing how fucking unpleasant the twitter UI manages to be on every single platform

This *is* a place of honour! Look, here's where I commemorate highly esteemed deeds! There's some pretty neat stuff here!

it's legitimately frustrating to me and makes things feel like hacked together bullshit

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one of the things i haven't really gotten used to about android, compared to ios, is how there isn't really a big unifying design thing. everything feels 'different'.

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