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clockwork, magical, electronic, spiritual

all doll girls are valid regardless of their animating principle

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I'm waking up
to ash and dust
another early shift as a maid at the crematory

anyway people meme on how 'oh you just tell it what you want and it draws it' but iterating through seeds to find The Good One is hard, and changing a runtime parameter or trying to vary one thing can completely change some part of the output you didn't expect

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ai art 

in particular, sometimes changing one thing can change something completely different

like the only difference between these two is the "how close to match the input text" parameter (the first one has it set larger), but that changed the angle, how it generated the background, the head...

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honestly the big lesson i'm getting from all this fucking around is that making something good is actually pretty nontrivial and it's nowhere as easy as "push button, receive waifu"

ai art, this one's actually good fuck 

fucking around with waifu diffusion since that's going to be better at the anime aesthetic. variations on "1girl android weapon solo red_eyes explosion cibo blame! cyborg" as the prompt

more ai art 

"nebula person nekomimi with cat ears artstation"

the grid one generated like that, that's not multiple outputs stitched

anyone else here experience an ontologically correct subjective experience? or is it just me

mario movie 

holy shit you guys they just released the logo

Joe Biden announced federal legalization of awoo

uspol, cannabis (law), twitter thread link (POTUS account) w/ nitter alternative 

President Biden is pardoning "all prior federal offenses of simple marijuana possession", urging state governors to do the same, and getting the ball rolling on *reviewing the scheduling of cannabis* so it's no longer equivalent to heroin in the eyes of federal law.

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