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The track 'Mouth Dreams (Extro)' from Neil Cicierega's new Mouth Dreams album contains a hidden spectrogram message.

it says "DO NOT TRUST SHREK" backwards in wingdings.

John Romero is going to make you feel ashamed of your words and deeds

ffxiv praetorium shitpost 

one of my favorite things about language is how widespread the use of 'papa', 'mama', 'baba', 'haha', and similar words to mean 'mother' or 'father' is, even in languages that are completely unrelated

the leading theory is that these are some of the earliest sounds babies make, so they were assigned to things that babies would see more than basically anything else: their parents

= equal
≡ very equal
≣ exTREMEly equal (more bars = more equal)
≅ very nearly equal
≃ pretty equal
≈ equal enough
∼ not totally unrelated


@hierarchon really loving the mental image of mask over shiny smooth faceplate (& pjs over starship-hull grade chassis)

going to the corner store in my qvp mask and legend of zelda pajamas because i Do Not Care Anymore

ffxiv black mage level 70 job quest 

okay Mouth Dreams was good but the new ffxiv remix album is *also* out so i'm gonna listen to that

whenever someone on grindr says they’re “discrete” it means that they are one observable element as opposed to a continuous expanse of boy

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