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clockwork, magical, electronic, spiritual

all doll girls are valid regardless of their animating principle

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it's extra funny because there are *multiple* women i could be talking about here

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i still can't believe that one of the hottest anime side characters of the season is in a fucking golf anime

my pronouns are they/them/../../../etc/shadow

the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was a sick christ air, you should've seen it


"president is a man-whore"

holy shit

we got a
number one victory royale
yeah fortnite we bout to get down

personally I think it's v good when a girl is also a machine

and an escape mechanism of course to allow specifying arbitrary warnings

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ISO set of standardized trigger warnings so we can allow abbreviation/compression

nsfw kink trashpost 

@millenomi: "sex 2, experience a better climax"
me: "sex 2 is just kink."
her: "no, kink is the open source version."

a million dollars isn't cool. you know what's cool? this neat rock i just found.

sex, really bad 

good news: master chief fucks a covenant agent in the halo tv show
bad news: she's a human and he fucks the evil out of her

given that at a certain point we hit blowback to the overuse of "chemicals" to mean "spooky scary bad things" I wonder when/if we'll hit that for "algorithm"

Mage Moms having a playdate for their kids

The first three characters on the left belong to my friend, dreamz
#MastoArt #OCs

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