i saw 'libdrm' in the list of stuff steam-run sets up and i was like 'WHAT' but it turns out it's something innocuous en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Direct_R

Today I learned that Ken Sample, a black furry artist, was either one of the first people or /the/ first person to come up with the concept of the fursona.

@cypnk amasci.com is the site that I keep pointing my pinball students to when they think they've encountered a short but don't exactly know what a short IS. It doesn't shy away from telling you the truth about electricity and forcing your brain to pretzel around the information, rather than letting electricity be a nice mathy abstraction for clever people.

And he's got a page just for grounding! amasci.com/amateur/whygnd.html

I think that if a videogame has a hot enemy lady you should be allowed to play as them

My man Dante from Florence: the truly unkownable is the divine, the love that blinds the eyes
The absolute lad Al Ghazali from Khorasan: There is a limit to reason and beyond that limit is God
Generic Enlightenment Baby #502: I shit my pants when I encounter anything I don't understand. Then i invent racism for a lark.


serious answers only: is sketch worth getting for those pursuing UI/UX development for full-time work?? i’ve been on XD this whole time but i’ve heard sketch is the industry standard. that said, so is photoshop, and like, i don’t use that shit anymore lol. thank u

i always interpret 'hijabi' as the plural of 'hijab' at first which makes things confusing until i remember what it actually means

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