lewd musing 

i am not like other girls
other girls are not like each other
we're all assigned our own UUID

forgetting to put the Do Not Disturb sign on my door and waking up to hotel staff in my room blasting "Down With The Sickness"

there's only one real fire emblem character i know things about and that's lucina and that's because i'm GAY for her

a crossover called "crisis on infinite earths"??? wow can't believe that DC is shamelessly ripping off Infinity War like that :/

steven universe future is a means of doing asynchronous steven universe programming that avoids steven universe callback hell

If you're snuggling a cutie and she asks for permission to read write your contacts photos files gps microphone camera that's not your girlfriend that's Facebook Messenger

"This is a robot lady I've drawn. She has powerful claws and laser guns attached to her thighs."

"Ah, girlfriend material."

"She can kill you without trying."

"Oh!!! Wife material!"

I talked to my spouse. I feel tenderness.

— Obok Mörulil, Trader

i feel like someone could get a decent mathematical paper out of factorio balancer mechanics

i wish the mastodon emoji import interface deduped emojis

Day six of #decembots sees me rolling face-plate, slime, thrusters, and touch screen so I ended up going with a uh... like a slime girl rocketeer? She wears the outfit so she doesn't fly all over the place while flying all over the place.

#mastoart #transartist #queerartist #scifi #slimegirl

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