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i'm probably gonna put ffxiv 5.3 off a day or two for ??? reasons

(why yes, i *do* use a tiling window manager, i'm so glad you asked,)

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what's a tiling window manager that has native support for gaps

i'm starting to get annoyed by i3-gaps's weirdness

i think the important things to me are that she's very obviously more happy in her body at the end, as expressed by her body language, and that her shape is more 'femme' and more decorated, more obviously what she *wants* and not what the factory happened to give her

also tits, those are important too

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okay but i kinda wanna commission art of a robot girl's transition timeline...

tweaking her vocal synthesis module, replacing parts one at a time. building the body that she didn't realize she wanted.

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In which we observe just how much people will pay for Fyre Festival knick-knacks:

If you wanna start FF14 tomorrow with the new patch that fixes the early game, I'd recommend you start downloading it tonight so you don't have to wait as long for it to update tomorrow.

Is there anything more beautiful than a new mother, about to meet her baby for the first time, a doctor slowly turns around to reveal a swaddled baby pinecone with googly eyes?

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