Just call me Barry Allen because I have no respect for the sanctity of the timeline

imo the series didn’t find its legs until Yeah Yeah Beebiss 4: Beebiss’s Revenge

NBA 2k19 confirmed part of the kingdom hearts extended universe

a lot of ostensible leftists will happily rag on fat people, short people, ace people, kinnies, poly people, furries, juggalos, gender non-conforming people, and a lot of other subgroups if they can get 10 retweets out of it

they know to stay clear of the things they'll get ragged on for, but merely out of self-preservation

#DearWhitePeople we will not, as a society "Age out" of racism. Activating the 18-40 voter block will not magically wipe out racists voters. Even if you are not *as* racist as your parents doesn't mean there aren't tons of racist folks successfully passing on their values to their progeny.

You do not get out of addressing these systemic issues by waiting for old bigots to die.

don't pay for fucking turbotax unless you make 70k a year or more, you literally can get the same thing for free. turbotax's "free" version isn't really free. H&R Block's is

i had a dream that near the end involved a government agent visiting me in my childhood home and asking me to prove that @duchess and i were not communists

which eventually turned into a discussion about memory safety in C++, and then i woke up

Fellas is it gay to defeat your nemesis in a duel, and then stand over him, breathing hard, and throw away your sword?

made art...???, context: military, weapon, computers, gayness 

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