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a thing I kinda wanna try sometime is deleting a lot of the unused .el files from my emacs installation

stuff like two-column-mode that's extremely u likely to be used these days

- alphabet: a writing system in which consonants and vowels have equal status. from greek 'alpha' + 'beta'
- abugida: vowels are basically markers on consonants. from ge'ez.
- abjad: vowels are omitted entirely and inferred from context

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i love how 'alphabet', 'abjad', and 'abugida' both derive from the first few letters in one of their respective writing systems

(destiny 2)

(warframe is the Robot Wizard Ninja Video Game)

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logging on to the Immortal Robot Wizard Video Game Simulator


This is your love song, citizen
I love you, citizen
You're without equal among civilians
You are unique amid the billions
So here's your love song, citizen

i like reading sheik as a girl tbh because that sort of look is *extremely* my aesthetic (and when i was a kid and played smash casually i would 100% always pick sheik or samus lmao) but i will never deny people reading sheik as transmasc


me: hmm, think I'll have this thai-style coconut curry chicken soup
every single transistor in my CPU: oppa thai style!

thinking about that scene in fate/apocrypha where Mordred just fucking chases a cat on all fours for some reason

nothing dampens my hope in software more than running a GUI application through the terminal and watching all the log messages

> Quiz! Is Your Child TEXTING About CODING?

> LGBT: Looks Good But Tweak
> HRT: Hacks at Run Time
> T4T: Taken From Transpiler
> MTF: Make This a Function
> FTN: Fix The Networking
> AMAB: Always Making Awesome Builds
> GRS: Git Rebase and Squash
> TDOV: Technical Debt from Older Versions

none of the twewy ports will ever approach the gameplay of the original's double-screen bullshit tbh

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