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clockwork, magical, electronic, spiritual

all doll girls are valid regardless of their animating principle

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going to get lasers shot into my neck region tomorrow :ms_robot_sad:

bnha Twitter is blowing up because there's a character that's canonically confirmed to have a crush on Deku

and it's a guy

....... except it's mineta, the gross sex pervert

Why do they call it quicksort when you of in the pivot of out half sort the list?

remember to allow for healing after you get your veil pierced

Q: Why do engineers lack imagination?

A: They use jmagjnatjon instead.

i would simply look at the turing machine and decide whether or not it would halt.

extremely funny to me that the second sponsor on the joinmastofon sponsor list is pleroma

symphogear season 4 added another doll girl

but sadly she's incredibly heterosexual

functional autism
object oriented autism
stack autism
procedural autism

Custom designed sticker, tech; CW: implied lewd text 

So, this happened today. 😅

(I may have overhyped with the "fancy" part last week, but the rainbow chrome effect *is* really neat TBH)

The production isn't 100% sharp, but in general it looks good, especially at some distance.

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unless your drink is so salty that you can barely stand it (see: ocean water) it's gonna hydrate you

if you get dehydrated anyway, it's probably related to the food you eat alongside that drink more than the drink itself

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