pokemon swsh bullshit 

pokemon swsh bullshit 

like, if i could snap my fingers and retroactively be a cis girl? idk, maybe.

but if it was retroactively being a cis *guy*? no way in hell.

honest sonic movie robotnik's got a pretty good villain fashion sense tbh

i haven't actually sseen "the birth & death of javascript"

is it any good

though honestly maybe the cuteness is enough for me to get into it??? hmmm

i never played puyotet because competitive games scare me but the characters are so cute...

is tetris going to be the video game equivalent of chess

*Holding up a hairless normal-type Pokemon* Behold a trainer!

My greatest achievement as a teenager was uploading a video titled "AVATAR FULL MOVIE PART 1 OF 10" to YouTube the day it was released.

It was a Seinfeld clip with the characters edited to be blue and it got 40K views.

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