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clockwork, magical, electronic, spiritual

all doll girls are valid regardless of their animating principle

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Finds from the local thrift store CD/DVD section 1/3

These two seem like parody titles

you make "get in the robot shinji" memes because you don't understand evangelion; not only does he get in the robot, but one of the episodes is centered around the fact that he refuses to get *out* of the robot

i make "get in the robot shinji" memes because i know all that and think they're funny anyway

we are not the same


it is the first weekend of the month and so it is time for my Candy Indulgence

throw that ass in a circle. throw that ass in a heptagon. throw that ass in a degenerate triangle. This has to be in my top 5 VRChat worlds. It's fucking amazing on so many levels.

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request for cohost invite 

anyone got one spare? i promise that i will do something other than css demoscene shit with it

"oh man this doing numbers" --me looking at my calculator


so what i'm gathering so far is that cohost is a css demoscene website that happens to be a social network

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