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scorigami but for power/toughness on magic cards

including weirdos like char rumbler (-1/3), force of savagery (8/0), and spinal parasite (-1/-1)

last episode of the season, which means we get all the animation budget that was missing from the previous few episodes

ah, the weirdly transphobic episode of yuyu hakusho

i should try to use my keyboardio atreus more, it's a cute little keyboard even if i have to get used to where all the non-letter keys are

Compilation failed:


Wow, Thanks

seriously though, why is js/ts compilation, an act that doesn't involve generating assembly but 'just' requires tree-shaking, minification, and so on, so fucking slow

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gonna take down elasticsearch while this goes to try to free up some memory lol

homer: wife, i desire to see the neighbour take his last breath. shall i go to confession

marge: homer. have you checked with the boy to see if returning flanders to our lord is not in fact a just and righteous deed

homer: boy. what say you

bart: a truth for a skateboard! a truth for a skateboard! a truth for a skateboard!

homer: i promise to procure this skateboard of which you speak oh oracle

bart: flanders must die

lisa: the boy lies

homer: silence witch. he knows only truth

taking a whole-VM backup first because i cbf figuring out what individually needs to be backed up

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Bart and Milhouse stand back by the barn door, but Milhouse is busy playing Milhouse the Milhouse, a new game for Milhouse and Milhouse's friend Rick Moran. Can they make it to the next round of the game?

gonna upgrade from (glitch-soc) 3.1.2 to 3.2.1, wish me luck

I had never heard of Pokemon, let alone played them. I was gonna be the first to know about them, and the only person to write about them, until I saw their terrible behavior.

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