drama in the petscop fandom as everyone makes the logical leap from "we know who created petscop" to "it was actually bad the whole time" somehow

@sc @monorail yeah it got uploaded a whole two years after the creepypasta was over. everyone lost their minds because they felt like the sanctity of the pasta was ruined

@hierarchon @sc @monorail i remember when it came out i was like "What the fuck. What the FUCK" but yeah in hindsight it absolutely owns

@zoe @hierarchon @monorail kinda reminds me of the fake fallout 4 teaser website that said at the very end 'oh its just prank. sory'

@sc @hierarchon @monorail i'd say this one is more up front but you have to be in the mindset of a kid in 2012 seeing the fucking BEN DROWNED yt channel update

@zoe @sc @monorail yeah

it’s not a thing i read much but i liked it, as well as the princess

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