lol at valve thinking that anyone would be excited about the announcement of the next entry in their series they abandoned for 10 years, especially because it is vr exclusive

there was a time when valve was synonymous with solid game design and that time is not the year of our lord 2019

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*all of my companys writers and designers leave the company due to a toxic work culture* oops uhhhhhh heres half life VR!

i lol whenever people talk about valve's "flat" management structure, like just because you dont have structural hierarchies doesnt mean you wont just create invisible hierarchies. like didnt you go to high school

you cant just sweep away structures and assume everything will turn out fine, you need structures in place to check individual power, address grievances, and develop unified strategy


@dankwraith i didn’t see the context and i thought this was talking about leftist revolution fetishists lol

@hierarchon @dankwraith i'm not sure i can name a human endeavour this can *not* easily be about

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