also judging by the artist’s page they’re 100% a furry

@hierarchon dammit we could have had her instead of a vaguely disconcerting penguin? darkest timeline

@hierarchon yep, alan mackey is an old-school name in the furry fandom. mostly known for art, but did some electronic music too.

@kithop it looks like LinuxFox was also drawn by a furry! though i can’t find much info on the artist

@LexYeen @hierarchon ... Oh *wow*. Yerf... files from the 1990s...

*sudden war flashback montage*


@hierarchon ... how did i not know about this what the fuck we could have had badass hacker fox gal?! but we got Club Penguin!?

@Nine @hierarchon i solemnly swear that if i ever make linux content i am 10000% using this design over tux

@hierarchon Fork this shit!

No really I'm serious! I'm a bit biased as a fox myself but she's like the perfect cutie retort to FOSSbro culture =^_^=

@hierarchon so in the alternate timeline firefox would have been icepenguin instead to preserve the balance?

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