someone: robots........
me: nodding in agreement
someone: that are women
me: visibly excited
someone: and love other women
me: hooting and hollering

@hierarchon *thunderous applause and beeps from all the robots on fedi*

@BestGirlGrace @hierarchon ohhhh you know i'm gonna have to do a drawover of this with mastodon robot crew now, right

@BestGirlGrace @distressedegg @hierarchon Yeah, seconding that I'd be saving that kind of nonsense in my arsenal basically forever, presuming all involved were okay with the spread.

@Balina @BestGirlGrace @distressedegg 100%

also take note of those pictures i was posting if u happen to need ash aesthetic inspiration, wink wink

@fluxom_alt and i love and appreciate her! but she just doesn't feel super Me in that vague indefinable way

@distressedegg @BestGirlGrace @hierarchon um um um um

I would looove to see what kind of violet-colored robot you might find a way to sneak in..... :blobcat3c:

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