hey internet, where can i get a good backpack

looking mostly for volume and comfort, needs to fit a decent-sized laptop and a nintendo switch and miscellaneous other shit at once. bonus points if fits my aesthetic.

@hierarchon it's super entertaining to me when i put it somewhere where there's no reflected light and it's grey but then light will shine on it from the light shifting and then it'll turn rainbow and then people go woahh whaaaat lol

@hierarchon Tenba makes a good range of indestructible bags, including backpacks. They're aimed at photographers, so they tend to have a lot of compartments and nooks for Stuff™, from laptops to cards and cables.

@hierarchon got mine from Skog Å Kust— it’s black, waterproof, comfortable, and can hold 35 gallons worth of stuff. Best backpack ever

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