do i dare purchase a usb-c to thinkpad power adapter off aliexpress

@hierarchon okay I replied to the previous post with "if you do you're braver than me" but with the update it's "If you do you're a LOT braver than me"

@c24h29clo4 yeaaaah.

power-related stuff is one area of tech where i'm always a little nervous

@hierarchon that, and like, the cable would need the appropriate chips to negotiate for 20v from the usb-c charger, so there's even more points of failure than normal

@c24h29clo4 iirc if you only ever want to say 'give me X amps @ Y volts' it's not too difficult

@hierarchon right but like, dodgy cables are a lot easier to trust when they're purely passive for me, adding active components would increase the number of solder joints to do wrong or wires to cross by an order of magnitude

@vyr @hierarchon
fun fact, they won't be in this case since you need CO2 fire extinguishers to avoid like, bricking any and all computer equipment and metal components in the vicinity because of corrosive powder.

Standard dry powder is as low as $10 AUD here, CO2 starts at $80 aud.

(unless you like, buy a dodgy fire extinguisher, but if you do that you might be REALLY fucked)

@vyr @hierarchon by the look of it, purple k looks pretty similar to dry powder extinguishers here - mostly bicarb, dry powder.

Looks about 900% cooler tho

@vyr @hierarchon ah, there's a difference between dry powder and dry chemical. To clarify, AU standard ABE dry chemical extinguishers is what I was contrasting co2 to, and what I wouldn't use around computers unless someone else volunteers to clean up the mess :P

Computer gore adjacent 

Computer gore adjacent i assume you mean usb-c input, thinkpad dc output

no mains involved so there's no real shock hazard

most (all?) of the thinkpad power adapters are 20v, and usb-c pd is 20v max, so no real concern about blowing up the laptop (undervoltage won't hurt it)

i would say the only real concern is what if it melts, i think you're fine electrically

@natalie yeah that's a good point, i don't think there's a way for the adapter to blow up my laptop

still gotta worry about the adapter blowing itself up or killing the power supply somehow yeah. it's still relatively a lot of power tbh, pd is capable of 100 watts with a chunky enough power supply, touching a 100w incandescent bulb wouldn't be any fun, a high resistance connection (say, wear from a cable flexing over a period of time) is going to get hot fast

but such is the risk with anything, even a normal 5v 2a phone charger is capable of melting stuff if given the chance

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