also if i don't wind up buying some EL wire or an LED pixel display or something i'm going to be very disappointed in myself

what is the point of all this existence if i'm not trying to be as extra as i can

Show thread i never explicitly stated this but this is probably my life's mission deep down, for better or worse

@natalie i 100% am going to find some use for, like, a display and some buttons. probably not going to be a wearable or a backpack thing, but i wanna. real talk there's probably a decent market for something like this, but not quite as lurid and plasticky

(i bought two to extract the led tiles from them. they're standard 16x32 hub75 sign tiles. they were less than half the price back then though...)

@natalie oh wow, yes, i would 100% buy one of those if it wasn't so, like... pink it's not even a usable purse, it's solid hard plastic, with creases and stuff

it's a bewildering object

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