@deejvalen i mean, it's the only caption, and it's barely noticeable, so

@codl @deejvalen kelly with a top hat and monocle in the corner saying "Electric BLIGHT"

@hierarchon headcanon: whoever made this passed their whole deal down their bloodline to the present day, except instead of a cool curse like werewolfism or demonic tendencies, it's posting conspiracy theories about 5G

@hierarchon oh, I recently saw this one on Reddit and then went digging and found out that it’s from an old satirical magazine called Judge. It was a cover in 1889.

You can actually look at the whole thing here: https://babel.hathitrust.org/cgi/pt?id=mdp.39015023538708&view=image&seq=45

@hierarchon the lady looks more like she's having a stretch XD like she's not bothered about this patriarchy destroying electricity spider

@hierarchon I would simply not climb up into the wires and electrocute myself

@hierarchon humans have really just been doing this shit from the very beginning huh

@hierarchon .......do i dare make the reference to light pollution and the hubbub about the musk-itos earlier

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