this is the image wikipedia decided to use as an example of a dank meme

@hierarchon what i'm getting from this is that Ω and W are the wikipedia orb's eyes

@hierarchon i struggle to comprehend this political compass

@hierarchon I hate that I am biting back urges to holler how that is *not* a nonsense joke. Surreal, sure, but it's building on very well-known rules!


> Fix it yourself instead of just talking about it. If you notice an unambiguous error or problem that any reasonable person would recommend fixing, the best course of action may be to be bold and fix it yourself rather than bringing it to someone's attention in the form of a comment or complaint. In the time it takes to write about the problem, you could instead improve the encyclopedia.


@hierarchon It's frustratingly *not* an unambiguous problem, because the statement is correct! Nonsense *is* an important part of dank memes. And, as much as I hate admitting it, just because it has known rules doesn't mean it isn't nonsense.

@Balina yeah, I just wanted an excuse to link that page because one of the shortlinks for it is WP:SOFIXIT and that amuses me

@hierarchon Wikipedia, for all its faults, *does* occasionally deliver incredible jokes.

@hierarchon Holy fuck, not until right this moment I hadn't.

@hierarchon getting some readings on the fellowkids detector but nothing above threshold value

@hierarchon also for future reference what is the preferred "it" form of "sir"?

@kameleonidas i have no clue, i don't have any non-gendered titles in that realm that i like. 'ma'am' works though since i am still a woman

@hierarchon <obama_giving_medal_to_himself.png> because I'm too lazy to search for it

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