Waiting patiently for conservatives to condemn gender reveal parties, which have killed several people and caused hundreds of *b*illions of dollars in property damage, at the same level they condemn antifa and anti-cop protests, which they claim to be condemning over a few hundred thousand dollars in property damage.


@noelle fwiw, not meaning to reply-girl at you, but: i haven't seen any estimates that put the property damage at billions of dollars, let alone hundred. *all* of the 2017 california wildfires *put together* have only reached $18B, and iirc the el dorado wildfire has only burned mostly-uninhabited acres. the 2018 wildfire caused $8 million in damage.

on the other hand, the minnesota protests alone have caused at *least* $25 million in damage.

like, i agree with your broader point, but it's inaccurate to say that the riots caused less damage than gender reveal parties

see, hcn.org/articles/wildfire-in-c, cnn.com/2018/11/27/us/arizona-, marketwatch.com/story/the-insu

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