i think i'm on granblue burnout and dunno if i'll ever pick it up again but i will always appreciate pepole's screenshots

@hierarchon i was definitely on burnout for a while there but i was reinvigorated when they rebalanced the m2 drop rates and it made it really easy for me to get fraux

@kara yeah i tried picking it up but i'm just like ehhhhh

maybe i'll poke at furry tower defense or moe guns some more instead

@hierarchon i'm definitely burned out on arknights tho lol i haven't touched that game in months. i tried playing dissidia per mint's recommendation too but that one just didn't stick with me

@kara maybe we should try, like, actually playing a game with a fixed ending that doesn't try to suck money out of us

@hierarchon but all the games i want to play with fixed endings and no ridiculous monetization don't come out until two to eight months from now :(

@kara i have so many of those games that i need to get around to actually beating, like botw, disgaea 5, eo5 and eox...

@hierarchon oh i'm sure i do too, i just don't feel like starting anything new these days :((

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