@hierarchon at this point, I'd take it
not enough buttons on my mouse anymore

@efi i just can't figure out how the fuck you make sure you're clicking on the right button

@hierarchon have you never used the nip on the 5 key of the numpad to know you're touching the 5?

@efi sure but i don't see any bumps on any of those buttons

@hierarchon the ridges between buttons are enough 'cause there's only 9

@hierarchon tfw you try to justify buying a new gaming rig as a "work expense"

@hierarchon Just about spit out my drink

Then just leaned back thinking about how many mice I have where one of the total of three switches has become unreliable.


@hierarchon Oh no. NO NO NO NO nope nooooooo

@hierarchon My face turned into one of those gifs where the face gets shrunk down but the rest of the head stays the same size

@gnomon @hierarchon I am entirely 50:50 about whether that is the dumbest or the greatest idea in mice

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