non-programmers: were you aware that arguing over which text editor to use is A Thing among programmers and has been for over 30 years

not only that, but the two main editors people fight over, emacs and vi/vim, have existed for that entire time, (though these days iirc microsoft's visual studio/visual studio code is more popular than either of them).

but they both retain a devoted following. emacs is known for being *very* customizable, and vim is known for being lightweight, available on basically any unix system, and having a unique control scheme that allows very fast text manipulation.

both are community-driven projects as opposed to the corporate-driven development of most other major editors, both are still in active development, both will probably last another 15 years easy.

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@hierarchon, yep. I think I read about it in some Red Hat magazine during school, thinking at the time it was the equivalent of people having a preference between Notepad and Notepad++.

Not a programmer, cannot fathom the depths of this schism.

@hierarchon i votes for third option does this mean I have to put on the costume...?
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