@hierarchon it always makes me smile

it's like the squeaky clean version of dril. the kind of dril you can show to your kids

@BestGirlGrace @hierarchon "I don't like how gendered this seems," I say as I hog the food line and turn the 4th of July awkward

@BestGirlGrace @hierarchon this line on the image page made me laugh too

> If you reuse this work per the terms of the Creative Commons license below, please satisfy the "attribution" condition by crediting John Mathew Smith for his photography. It is not necessary to attribute me for my modifications. Thank you.

@hierarchon I thought it couldn't get worse, and then I got to "see also"

@hierarchon no way this meets notability standards but i absolutely love it

@hierarchon It's baffling that multiple people allowed this to happen. I'm thankful to be in a world in which I got to read this.

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