if i were a C programmer, i would simply write memory-safe code. it's that easy.

@hierarchon if you don't have a 106% understanding of how every instruction will be laid out in memory, what will use what when even in libraries you don't control and know exactly what updates will come in the future, are you even programming?

@hierarchon have you heard of AddressSanitizer and -fstack-protector or are you just a smug and ignorant asshole

@nia oh shit uh

the 'I would simply X' snowclone is used as a joke and implies that X is not trivial, like 'if I was running a race I would simply run faster than everyone else'. I've used ASAN before when I did C++, it's neat

@fafnir @hierarchon The internet, as a rule, does not readily identify sarcasm or satire.

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