since i boosted that 3ds/2ds post earlier: is the guide for how to homebrew your 3ds. it's doable on the latest version, it's quick and mostly just involves copying some files to and from your SD card.

after it's done, you can:

- take screenshots
- copy files to and from your SD card without removing it from your 3DS
- copy 3DS games to your memory card so you don't have to juggle physical cartridges
- customize your theme using (or make your own)
- emulate games, either using third-party emulators or the built-in GBA/SNES emulator!
- feel good for regaining control of your own hardware!

@hierarchon wish zi had an sd card reader to homebrew things

need a 2ds tho since zy 3ds is a bit broken ><

@hierarchon Luma3DS (the cfw that guide installs) is super good and relatively straightforward. At this point an un-hacked 3ds feels like some kind of sin.

@hierarchon How do you do the file copying thing? That's been my main issue with CFW so far

@null there's an FTP server homebrew app; that's what i use

@hierarchon You know what. I've been meaning to hack my 3DS for ages, so I'll do that now! Thanks for this. Just the push I needed.

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