protagonist is 3d animated at 60fps

his brother is 2d and drawn at a normal anime framerate

they're standing side by side

really shitty mirrors, despite the fact that rendering mirrored stuff isn't actually that hard

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this is the worst mid-scene commercial cut I've ever seen

they cut out the bit where Shitty Batou starts stripping one of the girls, thank god

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@kara aura is showing us a scene from rwby s2 and it legitimately has better animation in terms of like easing and impact on the punches

@hierarchon i'm kinda hoping their render farm gets struck by lightning or turned into a pillar of salt or something before they get that far. good god this is awful 😣

@hierarchon Ah! That jibes with this AF comment:

For all its failings, /that/ sounds like a very good call.

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