one of the weirder norms i've seen people mention on here is that a locked reply to a non-locked post is suspicious

@hierarchon People seem to think you have something to hide or wanna hide your post from their frends or whatever.

@Deiru "how dare this person not want me to see this random interaction they're having with a person i don't even know >:("

@hierarchon I just try to keep a mental list of people who'd be upset by this and not do that to them.

@haskal because it was suspicious like you didn't want people to be able to hold you accountable

or something

it was fucking weird

@hierarchon i reply private sometimes because i don't care that much at the time to attract public attention to my post
there are users who only ever post private, for everything

@hierarchon i don't mind it when it's from people who follow me, but if a person i've never talked to is responding to me followers only there's a 100% chance they're being weird/creepy at me

@hierarchon iwrc that was in combination with creepy or 'splainy replies, folks using followers-only to dodge people yelling at them for things they know they shouldn't be saying to strangers

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