> We spend most of our time in a web browser but it's often our slowest app. Mighty speeds up Chrome on your laptop by streaming it from a more powerful computer in the cloud—that makes your browser & other apps run significantly faster.



> We’ll charge our users a subscription between $30-50/mo. We plan to target users who use Chrome primarily for work & wish their browser didn’t make them feel like they are fighting it to accomplish things, is faster, and makes them more productive.

> We've hacked the Chromium source code to lower GPU memory usage and minimize perceived input latency.

well uh

good luck with that i guess

@hierarchon imagine a tech world in which software are so horrendously developed that you need to pay some random company to "optimize" performance

@Arteneko @hierarchon that's this one. from Connectix RAM Doubler to Azul Zing to that guy my last employer paid to give us advice we ignored about Postgres, paying random companies to optimize performance is a long-standing industry tradition

@hierarchon "Dear user, we absolutely will not just steal all of your data and record every keystroke you enter into browser, our hacks are for performance, swear on me mum's life."

@hierarchon the funniest part is that it's an electron app

do they know what electron is

@00dani @hierarchon at this point I would assume they know they're running a scam tbh

@hierarchon I had a project earlier that had a major data platform built entirely web based. Needed to spin up a 16GB Amazon remote workspace so that I could operate it.

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