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if you engage in astrology, do you:

@hierarchon something in between: a mythopoeic way of seeing oneself, which is a little more serious than just an rng or amusement, but not to the level of literally thinking that the stars and planets materially influence your fate

@hierarchon opposite of option two, i believe that my bullshit is reflected in the heavens

@hierarchon I like coincidences, mystical aesthetics, and tools for introspection. It doesn't matter if it's "real" (it's not), it's a fun way to decide what ideas to consider and focus on and to think about other aspects of interconnection.

@hierarchon I've become conversant in astrology stuff in part because a fair number of people will identify themselves as "I'm a [sign], so you know what that means" and it's useful to actually know what it means. people tend to identify themselves as [sign] when they feel it matches their personality, so it can be useful to get some quick insights about how they view themselves.

@troodon @hierarchon I see it as a sort of self reflection tool. If someone identifies with their signs, down to the bad bits and recognizes they want to work on those parts, that seems reasonable and fine to me. Like has been said, when a person chooses to identify with their sign, its an interesting look into how they view themselves. I'm a Cancer and yes I do happen to be extremely sensitive and kind of a crybaby and home oriented. That's fine with me.

The problem for me is when it becomes a defense. "I can't help being an asshole, I'm an Aries" type shit dont fly lmao

@hierarchon It doesn't seem right to frame doing astrology for fun and believing stars and planets influence people into two opposing options like this I know you may not like that opinion but I just want to put it here in case anyone else who sees the poll agrees with me

@kilombavita i'm mostly asking like, when people say "i'm a virgo" how many of them actually believe the positions of the stars at their birth or whatever actually directly influenced their personality

@hierarchon Oh OK that's a little different and a lot more specific it's like asking Christians if they think God is actually listening when they pray not a pointless question but you can only get so much from just a yes or no answer I wonder how people explain what they do mostly

@hierarchon IDK, just occasionally see it in a print newspaper, and point at the one I'm in like when leo decaprio pointing at the television in the latest quarter tarantula movie "Hollywood".

@hierarchon (c) keep my mouth shut when wife says it explains why I'm one of the few people compatible with her.

@hierarchon astrology is for all intents and purposes a full blown civic religion and so the position of the planets influences the people who believe that the planets influence them

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