@fluxom_alt congratulations on their transition, in whichever direction it went

@hierarchon the best part is that she has the lil power logo in her eyes, so I like to think she's a robot

@fluxom_alt granblue only has one robot and she's very stereotypical beep-boop-y in a bad way

it does have a very good doll girl though

@hierarchon @fluxom_alt is that katapiller or robomi you're referencing

we really need more robots...

@deejvalen @fluxom_alt robomi, i completely forgot katapiller exists because i don't use her (unlike robomi who has a place in light otk/burst)

@hierarchon @fluxom_alt kata has use in skill spam brrrr setups but those aren't common in water now

more bots n doll girls plz

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