i have been unable to stop laughing at this image for like 5 minutes

the context is that intel is making some kind of real-time voice chat censoring thing called bleep

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do you think they got a bunch of people off mturk to have Heated Gaming Moments into the microphone for this

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i have to wonder how the tuning works, because they just have some kind of model to detect each category where they gathered data on how offensive an audio segment is ('bitch' is probably pretty low down on the offensiveness spectrum for example)

but it's funny to imagine they have some kind of fucking. slur tier-list

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@hierarchon On the one paw, hah! On the other, how in the heck is that even supposed to /work/. *stares*

@hierarchon If it's individual words, that makes sense! With things like "misogyny" I was for some reason thinking they were going to (try (and probably fail miserably) to) figure out when something being said was misogynistic or not.

@hierarchon turning a big dial that says "N-word" on it and constantly looking back at the audience for approval like a contestant on the price is right

@hierarchon i would like to hear some misogyny when i game. not all the misogyny, just some of it. to keep things spicy

@hierarchon I've seen this a few times and every time I do I just try to imagine who would look at this and go "Ah yes, I can think of a situation where someone I'm chatting with would drop a Euclid class racial slur and I want to hear it when they do"

@trysdyn i guess maaaaaybe if you're in a context where someone is saying a word in a way that trips the filter? idk

@hierarchon Yeah. I mean if it's going to exist, having some controls and such is a good thing but the way they UXed this is just.... baffling.

@trysdyn tbh it's probably a reasonable design (especially for things like name-calling where it's reasonable to just completely not care), it's just... incredibly funny

especially for stuff like N-WORD: ON

@hierarchon It's more amusing because the first time I saw this was completely without context and I thought it was a cloud-backed filter on the mic-side. To prevent a Pewdiepie moment.

@hierarchon can't wait til someone extracts it from the model by enumerating every known slur

@vyr can't wait for the official top 10 slur list. really want someone to figure out the meta here

@hierarchon except they don't need precognition, just a list of popular Twitch streams, a list of things they're pretty sure aren't slurs, and time

@hierarchon i can't even begin to imagine the absolute galaxy brain smarts it takes to create a ui with settings like "Racism and Xenophobia: Some"

@hierarchon i have to assume this is meant to filter like, *incoming* voice chat, as opposed to a streamer running this to bleep out their own heated gaming moments, right

@fennecs but the mental image of twitch mandating this on all their big streamers to avoid more heated gaming moments is very funny

@hierarchon i could definitely see twitch going "so the real problem with bigotry is when you can hear the streamers say the bad word, right?"

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