i'm reading this ethnographic article about machinekin and it has this wild quote (citations removed for brevity):

> Other-than-human expressions have a long history that can be found, for example, in archaeological and anthropological reports of animals and humans melding or blending together; the philosopher Diogenes of Sinope and Cynicism, with the nickname “cynic” meaning “doglike”; Nordic literary epics that speak of elven races that interact with humans; numerous tales about werewolves found in Greek, Roman, Jewish, French, and Irish sources; and in accounts surrounding vampires that span from the late sixteenth century to the present day.

can't believe diogenes was a fucking kinnie

it's particularly notable in that the interviewee is a music mixing console, as opposed to the sort of like... AI/android/doll i think people tend to associate with machinekin

@hierarchon yeah, I used to hang around places with a very upbeat construction excavator

it was very pleasant. …the excavator more so than the places themselves, to be honest

kin thoughts 

@hierarchon ty for linking this! It was a vv interesting read!

I find it very interesting that so much of the academic research into kin stuff thusfar has be so focused on religion, given how, for us, it's entirely non religious (and seems to be similar for a lot of kin people, as per the survey results at the bottom of the article?)

It's interesting. For a long time even as we considered ourselves robots & AI & spaceships (initially just me, before Red showed up), we rejected the>

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@hierarchon terms 'kin' or even 'furry' or anything like that

I'm still not entirely sure why, but I highly suspect it was some mix of internalized phobia & fear of claiming membership in spaces we weren't sure we really 'qualified' as belonging to

Ofc, now we're careful where/who we share those aspects of our identity with, but being able to exist as such authentic versions of ourselves on social media & with friends & acquaintances, etc, has been really good for our self esteem!

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@GlitchyRobo yeah, i didn't really associate with kin spaces a lot because... well, a lot of them are very spiritual about it in a way that kinda pushed me out, talking about energy fields and reincarnation and the like, which is the complete opposite of how *i* approach it. it's not just not religious, it's not spiritual to me in any way.

kin thoughts 

@hierarchon yeah same

Like, identity feelings are def *something* special and inherent to our experience of ourselves, but spiritual or religious feels like entirely the wrong way to describe them to us

Like being a robot (or ai demon in Red's case) feels just as inherent to our sense of self as being gay or ace or trans or kinky or anything else; not something that we could really isolate as separate from any other part of our consciousnesses

minds are weird and that's good, imo!


Oh this is very interesting, and I sympathsize for the subject on the reaction they got from part of the otherkin community about heavily identifying with an appliance, I'm liking the respect and frameworks given by the author too, and it matches up with what I've heard myself from plural systems about individual origins of members.

I also showed this to one of my friends on discord and they really enjoyed it too!

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