is calibre still the ebook manager of choice on linux, or what other options are there?

It's included by default on some debian distributions, I think.

@hierarchon i don't know about other options but calibre is pretty good

the interface is very old school weirdness, but it works great

@hierarchon huh, neat

this reminds us (in a good way) of the old mac ebook managers (before ibooks killed them all)

@pericynthion trying it out with a pdf of Time War and it's pretty good

it doesn't look like it has any *organizational* capabilities though

@hierarchon fancy

ooh, per user permissions, so you can log in on the go

fun :3

@pericynthion yeah, i might just use calibre and do this then

worst case calibre does support calling out to other things for the actual 'read an ebook' functionality

@pericynthion but yeah even though calibre's UI is... dated... it makes more sense to try to work with the actual organization functionality, which afaik nobody has replicated

@hierarchon also we don't have much to say on the *reading* experience because we use our kindle for that

@pericynthion yeah i have a kindle i should use more for this kind of thing, maybe

@hierarchon i hate Calibre so much that i was keeping fiction in Zotero at one point, but unfortunately Zotero is shit at anything that isn't PDFs

@hierarchon I use Calibre and I’m happy with it, even if I don’t like its aesthetic choices.

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