i think the thing that i really can't get used to in vim is that so much of the stuff is just... keybinds

like if you want to toggle the fold at the cursor, you do `normal! za`. that's weird.

@hierarchon given its origins as vi and the way it's evolved from there, it does make a sort of sense? vim is essentially a domain-specific language for expressing text editing operations, and it's the existence of that domain-specific language that makes vim and friends such powerful and difficult-to-learn editing tools

it would certainly make sense to map the expressions in "vim language" to underlying vimscript commands, since that's basically how emacs works, but "vim language" is so much more important than vimscript and is a mandatory part of using the editor well, so mapping things in the opposite direction is Understandable

@00dani yeah I guess my annoyance is, that means that if you remap the binds then when you're writing scripts or reading others you have to remember what they do by default

like n for me is what j is for most vim users because colemak

@hierarchon ohhh right

that'd only be a problem for hjkl and the commands you needed to move to avoid clashing with hjkl (like n for next search result) though, right?

most normal mode commands are designed to be mnemonic rather than necessarily ergonomic, with hjkl being kind of a special case, so they oughtn't need remapping for alternate keyboard layouts

@00dani yeah it was mostly those

it's still, idk, it doesn't really mesh with how I think about things

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