given that players in a pen-and-paper combat sim can communicate freely outside the game's time structure, from the point of view of their enemies they're effectively a hivemind

@hierarchon tabletop slut here: it's pretty common for either players or DMs to step in and say "nah, you can't have come up with a complex plan like that in a six-second combat time step with no comms, do something dumber"

love the idea, though

@vyr @hierarchon and honestly, depends on the group

there HAVE to be hiveminds out there

@LilyVers @hierarchon hivemind PCs cannot be flanked and must be seduced as a group

@vyr @hierarchon *cracks knucks* lemme see this adventuring company, I'm up for a challenge

@vyr @hierarchon concept: five low-Int, high-impulse characters (idk, two-handed fighter, barbarian, rogue, sorceror, and let's say a cleric of the god of love) find a magical item that allows them to merge into a single mind. after some initial growing pains regarding the number of secrets revealed, they come to realize that thinking is WAY easier when they share the brain cell. and they can get to know each other better this way! honestly, what's the harm of just... staying linked?

fantasy mindmeld 

@vyr @hierarchon
BARBARIAN: I can do math now!
ROGUE: You don't need to do math. I handle the money.
BARBARIAN: Yeah, but it's nice if I can follow along.
SORCEROR: I never should have stolen that poor woman's hair...
CLERIC: I do feel better knowing you never actually intended to curse her, but yes.
SORCEROR: I like to be prepared!
FIGHTER: You don't. You don't even prepare a spell before you cast it.
SORCEROR: I improvise! That's...
BOTH: Incredibly dangerous.

fantasy mindmeld 

@LilyVers @hierarchon at least they're not improvising math

@hierarchon in one campaign, we made that canonical. Every member of the party was given a token that allowed them to communicate privately without the GM hearing (aka text chat) or with the GM hearing via their mouths, with the notion that the GM was essentially the deity of this little realm.

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