OC prompt: how would your OC react to learning someone wrote rpf of them

this got long 


virus Grace: "ah, a fresh host"

Modemoiselle: "Well, it was probably inevitable. Let's see if they have any good takes."

Solitaire: Honestly pretty weirded out and uncomfortable. Wary of being treated like a "brand" or a fictional character, but could probably change her mind if it was, you know, good and vibed with her

the Lady: has happened before, will happen again. she needs stories to live, and is quite fond of ones about herself.

Dr. Helvetica Scenario: "Ah, dammit, this is gonna be a Stranger Than Fiction scenario, isn't it?"

Tennessee Ernie 'Bold: She's a bard, she'd mostly be surprised she didn't write this one herself and would probably add it to her repertoire.

Diamond Heist: "If this isn't good, I'll see you in court."

@hierarchon "phone numbers exist. they could have just asked for a date."

my fursonas reacting to RPF about them 

@hierarchon Hale: Various disgusted noises, followed by tightening her physical security and opsec. Long rants on social media about plane chasers. Flipping off anybody she sees watching the airport through binoculars.

Bunny Jane: Lots of crying. Sleeping over at a snuggle-friend's house for safety. Deleting every social media account.

Jamas: "Huh? Oh weird. Is it hot? Send me a copy." *Big yawn* *curls up and goes back to sleep.*

my fursonas reacting to RPF about them 

@bunny_jane Astra: Revulsed, though somewhat comforted by the fact that she is at this point probably the strongest person alive.

oc shit 

lu: groan, close tab, open it again hours later, smoke weed, read it and make fun of it on her blog

jamie: obsessively comment on every chapter with essay-length, pedantic, verbose and condescending threads, replying with more anytime the author or someone else replies

sam: impersonate an extremely thirsty fan and troll the shit out of the author


Dorothy: "What's 'rpf?' Some protocol or 'nother?"

Dia: "Ooh! Let me do you next!"

Sam: "... Make them two sizes larger."

@hierarchon I have one character who’s a mercenary who recovers stolen [kamen rider transformation device equivalent]s and her first reaction would be to show up outside the poster’s house with a lance pointed at the door growling “how much do you know”

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