i made a (beta release of a) game! it's an idle/incremental in the vein of idle loops; you control/play as a time-traveling robot out for revenge on the forces of humanity that wronged you

@hierarchon looks great! Though, would you be able to make it compatible with mobile phone screen sizes? it's the kind of game i'd like to play on the road instead of on my computer

@Scarlet yeah, mobile design has been... not on my radar, but i'll keep that in mind

@hierarchon this is cozy. i like it. also i think i used this background image as my wallpaper years and years ago lmfao

@hierarchon been playing this for a few days now and I appear to be exceedingly stuck. I've never played a game like this before, however, so it may just be a failure of execution on my part. you mind if I ask you about it?

@hierarchon so I've hijacked the ship

(the hard way, by not understanding quite what I'm supposed to be doing in terms of developing attack stat in a single loop and thus walking away from the game for a day or so and then accidentally grinding offense and defense to 100 when I come back and activate the unspent time bonus, oops),

and the next major task the game puts in front of me is overriding lockouts. the loop I have in front of me presents me with sufficient energy, plentiful hit points, and 80 lockout attempts. I add the override task to the end of the loop and it instantly fails on the override step. I can't see what it is I'm missing to be able to even succeed once, let alone begin to grind at disabling the lockout.

here's a screenshot taken just a moment or two ago

@hexwren oh, you need to hijack the ship before you can disable lockouts

@hierarchon oh wait, you mean I have to hijack the ship every single turn that I want to hack the lockout?



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