i can't decide what i wanna call this theme

- interstellar
- veil (because it's themed after the veil nebula)
- infinity
- wisp


tfw you haven't talked with a friend in ages but you just found a really good meme

anyway tomorrow i need to hack on airline to make sure it works, plus the other random shit like ctrlp and the floating menu

because uh

i have no clue why the default popup-menu looks like *this*

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only doc-comments get the teal highlight, normal comments are a darker gray than the 'normal' text color

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imagine being a historical figure only remembered hundreds of years after your death because you got an anime girl named after you

and it's not even from the same series where all the *other* historical characters have anime girls

i want to see if i can generate a color scheme based off the veil nebula

not quite as intense, but

tfw you're doing something you know is likely to give you a negative emotional reaction

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