this is the image wikipedia decided to use as an example of a dank meme

reminder that in granblue fantasy, an angel canonically nuked a giant flying shark made of other flying sharks

gbf event spoilers 

haha the arknights event maps are *mean*

like, look at this bullshit. just keeping your operators *alive* is nontrivial

since i've been talking about Idle Loops, here's a screenshot

that giant list in the middle is the tasks my character is doing each temporal loop: smash 50 pots, do 4 short quests, buy glasses, buy mana, do 6 more quests, etc. the numbers on the right are added by a userscript and track my resources after each step (which is nontrivial, since doing a task raises your stats, and raised stats decreases mana cost)

the color changes when i've finally gotten enough resources to leave town. this is my list for getting to the forest and exploring a shortcut; i've also got lists for meeting people, for exploring the dungeon, and for training combat/magic


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