oh yeah also he does this

note the amount of damage dealt compared to the character's HP

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one of the many advantages of dating @vyr is the names she puts on the calendar appointments

todoist (my todo manager of choice) lets you type stuff like "frog blast the vent core p2 due friday" in the 'new todo' thing and it will add a priority 2 task named 'frog blast the vent core' due the next friday. and it highlights it so you know what's getting interpreted as a magic word

it's *such* a good feature

> Ribs (рёбра, translit. ryobra), also known as music on ribs (Музыка на рёбрах), jazz on bones (Джаз на костях), bones or bone music (roentgenizdat) are improvised gramophone recordings made from X-ray films. Mostly made through the 1950s and 1960s,[1][2] ribs were a black market method of smuggling in and distributing music that was banned from broadcast in the Soviet Union.

absolutely wild

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