i just spent the last half an hour playing doom 2016 with the ps2 buzz controllers and boy was it interesting

Long story short, it was kinda bothering me that I was using someone else's art as an avi (even if it was an anime screencap), but I didn't really want to change away from a Koito Yuu avatar, so the obvious solution was to draw her myself.
#FanArt #YagaKimi #BloomIntoYou

also having a mh with a charge attack named Apocalyptic Drive is very fun with lumberjack's whole aesthetic

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gbfposting: trying out earth lumberjack w/dark opus harp MH, using alexiel/x.naru/mahira and cags/medusa in the back to use the crests

reminder that amazon workers in new york are striking tomorrow (3/30) so remember not to buy anything from them

@dankwraith i mean the alternative is that one of trump's staffers played revengeance and proposed the line to trump, which would be *unbelievably* cursed

for both of my europa hosts today she targeted alexiel with Floral Prison

gay rights

@mint yeah fuckin. chrysaor djeeta in s2e13 is so good.

i should maybe go through and watch the anime, i wanna see how they do the katalina/vira arc

@mint in gbf you can only get that charge attack by doing a ton of grinding. djeeta confirmed for tryhard

(also sturm and drang are highly effective at what they do, jesse and james are....... not)

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early transition take, 1/? 

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(the comparison doesn't *quite* track because sturm and drang are basically allies and work with djeeta and co whereas jesse and james are still nominally evil, but)

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oh yeah, i love that red-haired woman/blue-haired man villain duo that often serve as comic relief, which have been sidelined in their villainous roles in favor of bigger, more powerful threats. even their names form a pair!

@velexiraptor consider that effectively nobody predicted the internet 100 years ago

imo it's impossible to predict technology that far out in advance. i like writing about gay robot girls, and i want there to be gay robot girls in the future, but i'm not going to call that a *prediction* lmao

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