still thinking about this after the episode ended

what good fucking goals tbh

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we're watching Hellsing Ultimate and we got to the scene with Seras defending Hellsing from the Nazis and I'm so fucking gay

I keep having to remind myself that no, Russia isn't spread throughout the entire country, it's mostly on the west end

the worst mistake bioshock infinite made, aside from the racism, is that the vending machines don't have any screaming clowns in them

shit I say at work 

"I'm going to implement my strongly-typed agenda and none of you can stop me except by not approving my PRs"

@kat I still like the macro I saw that superbolides and then clicks the buff off, labeled "Healers Adjust"

anyway maybe I'll start by writing a music player application using druid (the UI library this person wrote)

that's a task I know 100% I can do

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@pericynthion I'm now experiencing a bit of "okay, but why should I build my own thing when this already exists"

but like... idk

@pericynthion yeah it's like... if you want this sort of thing to be funded you have to get money *somehow*

reading this is pretty instructive

making me want to lean away from the "separate UI and core" model and towards the standard monolith because async is *really* hard to get right

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names I have had to reject because searching [$name editor] already produced relevant results

- sakura
- quasar
- himeko
- graviton
- nina

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what if I wrote my own text editor

I'm seriously considering it tbh. not with the intent of it becoming The Next Big Thing or even of it becoming the thing I use for most of my work, just... idk I kinda wanna try it

i really need to set up my desktop this weekend so I can play nutdealer chapter 2 huh

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