@luna but that violates the fact that haskell is entirely reverentially transparent and object identity can’t be observed...

fixing a bad spelling error, talking about an iffy breadtube video im watching 

remember when facebook did some AI experiment involving a network of AIs learning how to communicate each other and the news headlines were full of things like “TERRIFIED FACEBOOK RESEARCHERS SHUT DOWN AI AFTER IT DEVELOPS ITS OWN LANGUAGE”

@deejvalen all of my retainers look like my old catboy because that’s what i was playing as when i got them...

@dankwraith i didn’t see the context and i thought this was talking about leftist revolution fetishists lol

@DogMotif wait so when you close it does the screen just smoosh the keys down

@eightbitsamurai i am far too young, but i do remember hearing interesting stories from *the cast* about how surprised they were, especially mark hamill.

since all of vader's dialog was dubbed over (though david prowse's english farmhand brogue is delightful, and he spoke the lines as they filmed to help the other actors), the ACTUAL line was kept secret. on the set, everyone heard "i killed your father", and didn't know the real line until they were *in the theater at the premiere*.

the combination of mechanical keyboard and virtual numpad is sending me

political take 

political take 

@zoe @sc @monorail yeah

it’s not a thing i read much but i liked it, as well as the princess

Happy #InternationalMensDay especially to all the wonderful trans men on my timeline! You're awesome <3

And if you're genderqueer or nonbinary and self-describe as masc/male: You're VALID and super great human beings. Go make this day your own!

very tame drawing featuring the top 10% of a nipple 

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