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I'm a meta-accelerationist: I support liberals because they'll bring about the rise of the right, which will in turn heighten the contradictions if capitalism and cause the glorious revolution


@FirstProgenitor "the fact that biden won instead of trump is good"

"wow you fucking lib, guess you think the democrats are perfect, you'll be first against the wall"

Just because an idea is depressing and bleak doesn't mean it's true.

@Deiru One of those "watch the full OP every time" animes for me. Only other one I can think of is So I'm a Spider's ED.

I think about the phrase "a makeshift salvation is nothing but deception" a lot

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imagine going back to the 18th century and telling some Japanese person that in the 21st century Japanese culture would be an international powerhouse

and then showing them a screenshot of Miss Kobayashi's Dragon Maid

@lynne "cup of oil" omg :3

yeah, there's definitely practicality concerns with respect to dust and stuff; realistically, something sealed would be nice. or detachable hands, a doll-jointed model for aesthetics and a ruggedized model for outdoor work.

my style is more, like... snow-white, almost porcelain looking, generally.

finally beat the main boss of the path of exile storyline

so, now i can start the game

@lynne i've considered watching that but pervy anime with underage-looking characters... blgh

but, doll joints are very good and important and i wish i had them irl

girls with doll joints

πŸ‘ :blank:​ πŸ‘ :blank:​ πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

@lynne i will admit that i know absolutely nothing about this :D my knowledge of fourier transforms is more mathematical.

it's kinda funny how jpeg compression turns sharp edges into edges with artifacts around them considering that naively you'd think the artifacts would *add* storage complexity

just Fourier things

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I think the most meta meta I ever saw on here was people talking about whether 'discourse' and 'meta' were words that minimized what actually happened

I think people settled on not using 'drama' but nothing beyond thay

@FirstProgenitor @00dani the big downside is that video formats are lossy, which means they can throw away information to get smaller file size, and this ruins animated pixel art (like how jpg compression ruins non-animated pixel art)


but that's okay, i'm sure people would never super-misunderstand a technical issue on fedi and boost a bunch of posts without actual confirmation as to what happened

.... (:

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@00dani @FirstProgenitor ye, video codecs have had a *lot* of work put into them to optimizing file space. gif... doesn't

@FirstProgenitor gifs are horrifically inefficient when it comes to file size

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