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These two seem like parody titles

you make "get in the robot shinji" memes because you don't understand evangelion; not only does he get in the robot, but one of the episodes is centered around the fact that he refuses to get *out* of the robot

i make "get in the robot shinji" memes because i know all that and think they're funny anyway

we are not the same

re: extremely internet moment 

@dialupdoll literal yahoo answers quality

re: extremely internet moment 

@dialupdoll quora is *really, really bad* and i wouldn't trust it for anything

@Dee fun fact: Google's dall-e equivalent works by generating 64x64 images and then upscaling to 1024x1024 using text-directed upscaling

literally ENHANCE


it is the first weekend of the month and so it is time for my Candy Indulgence

throw that ass in a circle. throw that ass in a heptagon. throw that ass in a degenerate triangle. This has to be in my top 5 VRChat worlds. It's fucking amazing on so many levels.

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request for cohost invite 

anyone got one spare? i promise that i will do something other than css demoscene shit with it

@Dale a few US states do this as well. i've never done it myself because :effort: but i have seen people recycling-diving and gathering up bottles, presumably because they're that strapped for cash.

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