@mint but mint, don't you want to heal with the power of yuri

i hate how i have dead cells on pc and now i'm like 'hmm... what if i got it on switch'

@blackle i showed this to @millenomi and she said "it could've been worse, but not by much"

@dankwraith it's because salt is a commodity, and literally the only way to distinguish it is price per gram so they gotta fuckin cheat by associating their salt with good emotions or whatever. that or make up fake bullshit like pink salt being healthier

@kara tbh even if someone was giving *justified* criticism of xiv on my TL i'd feel the same way unless it was clear they were coming at it from a 'i tried it and didn't like it' point of view and not just shitting on it for no reason

@kara god this reminds me of when someone said, in all seriousness, "dark souls 2 is impossibly hard, bad, and nobody actually likes it, they're just pretending to like it"

@Balina yeah, I just wanted an excuse to link that page because one of the shortlinks for it is WP:SOFIXIT and that amuses me

@Balina en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedi

> Fix it yourself instead of just talking about it. If you notice an unambiguous error or problem that any reasonable person would recommend fixing, the best course of action may be to be bold and fix it yourself rather than bringing it to someone's attention in the form of a comment or complaint. In the time it takes to write about the problem, you could instead improve the encyclopedia.


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