@monorail @swiff it's not really about that, but the metaphysics of the world of k6bd are extremely inspired by Kirkbride's work, to the point where a character literally says "reach heaven through violence"

@monorail @swiff have you, perhaps, heard of a little webcomic called Kill Six Billion Demons?????

"There are two things I've never known."
"Regret and impossibility."

jesus christ this show


amara's listening to the Ducktales theme song and all i can think is Projekt Red singing "Wolf tails! Aaa-woo!"

@pericynthion like, i definitely remember watching this at some point and the audio was fine

@pericynthion the weird thing is the *original* upload was fine, so they must've been doing some backend work that glitched it

it's a fucking tragedy that the audio of the Ariel Needs Legs comic has somehow glitched out and either youtube can't or won't fix it youtube.com/watch?v=_nH6ya5g2-

@HesperaSmith Oh, I was making a joke about what I'd find spooky because, y'know. Robot.

@HesperaSmith "Look at me, I'm a human! I have a squishy meat body and no self-diagnostic tools!"

@fluxom_alt honestly i have seen people speculate that Dokutah is from Earth as a reason for why we don't see anything that would indicate ears or horns or a tail or anything

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