@ionchy because when you see it you turn 360 degrees and walk away

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@engineer_kappa I think the "bro = frat boy" association has been going on for... a while, easily a decade or two

my problem with the word is more that people will use it to refer to anyone in tech they dislike, usually as in "the only people who support X are techbros". this came up recently with some Discourse about artificial wombs.


to elaborate: I think originally the word was fine, but lately I've seen it drift more and more out of "shitty tech dude frat boy" to "anybody I don't like that works in tech"

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@trysdyn yeah I think that was the use at the *start* but now it's just... all vague

@chimerror one time I was walking down the street and a guy asked me for money. I told him I didn't have any (which was true) and he called me a racist and a Trump voter. the racist bit didn't hurt but the Trump voter did for some reason lmao (even though i obviously didn't vote for him)


i kind of low-key hate the word "techbros" because 50% of the time these days it feels like a shorthand for "I don't like this opinion so I'll just say only shitty people (who are obviously men) have it"

@kat yeah "mansplaining" has kinda semantic drifted hard from "man explaining something a woman already knows" to "anyone that i can get away with calling a man explaining anything in a way I don't like" and i really hate it

@SuricrasiaOnline godbolt is c++ by default (iirc), where abs has a floating point overload

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