it sucks that the original has the weird mechanic where you have to either streetpass other people that have the game in order to level up certain pins, or just leave the game on overnight

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i should find that copy of the original ds twewy i bought off ebay

i lost my old copy and, imo, the weird twin-screen battle gimmick is kind of integral to the entire thing

a thing I kinda wanna try sometime is deleting a lot of the unused .el files from my emacs installation

stuff like two-column-mode that's extremely u likely to be used these days

- alphabet: a writing system in which consonants and vowels have equal status. from greek 'alpha' + 'beta'
- abugida: vowels are basically markers on consonants. from ge'ez.
- abjad: vowels are omitted entirely and inferred from context

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i love how 'alphabet', 'abjad', and 'abugida' both derive from the first few letters in one of their respective writing systems

@FirstProgenitor i used to have the entire tengwar alphabet/abugida memorized

@FirstProgenitor i used to be super into tolkein

but not like the lorebuilding stuff, i was into the conlangs

(destiny 2)

(warframe is the Robot Wizard Ninja Video Game)

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logging on to the Immortal Robot Wizard Video Game Simulator


This is your love song, citizen
I love you, citizen
You're without equal among civilians
You are unique amid the billions
So here's your love song, citizen

@trysdyn yeah, saaaame. though even when i didn't use tiling WMs i would usually maximize everything so I never saw them <_<

i like reading sheik as a girl tbh because that sort of look is *extremely* my aesthetic (and when i was a kid and played smash casually i would 100% always pick sheik or samus lmao) but i will never deny people reading sheik as transmasc

@BestGirlGrace i mean, why would you need to learn to read when you can just directly examine the information

@monorail i remember seeing that episode and thinking 'hey what the fuck'

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