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Panel one: stick figures are fine, as long as the format is preserved context clues will let people know what you are doing.

Panel two: we can't deviate too far from the original or it stops being the same meme.

Panel three: variation on the idea is the point of a meme, the name intentionally paralleled genes.

Panel four: That original context is all but lost to most further proving my point.

Panel five: how is this self referential humor recognizable then?

anyway i’m looking at /r/unixporn for inspiration and fucking around with nixos in a VM so i can see if i like it

if i’m gonna do this, i’m gonna do this right

Look at that subtle coloring. The tasteful thickness. Oh my God. It even has a watermark

⚠ Church Reminder ⚠

Dear churchgoers,

There are, in fact, two wolves inside of you and they need to be feed and taken for walkies. Please don't forget!

Your council

the first line of actual gameplay is "where'd she go? that bitch took my skull!"

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my favorite part of 50 Cent: Blood On The Sand is that a guy refers to 50 Cent as "Mr. 50" within the first minute of the game

"You're listening to XFLAP, a 500 kilowatt station in beautiful Tijuana, previously closed by international treaty. How are my New York listeners doing today?"

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a study i would very much like to see: gender ratios in fursonas broken down by species

i really need to just order a bunch of nfc stickers so i can make fake amiibo with my 3ds


> Once a package is built, runtime dependencies are found by scanning binaries for the hash parts of Nix store paths (such as r8vvq9kq…).

i... well, okay, if it works for them

one of my favorite fictional tropes is when the monster or whatever finally breaks free and goes on a rampage on its way out

but goes out of its way to avoid hurting the one person that was actually nice to it when it was in captivity

anyway now the next step of the adventure is figuring out which distro i want to use

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