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Casual reminder that Lovecraft wrote a short story where the horrifying, society-destroying revelation at the end of the tale is not that the attractive woman is secretly a literal Greek-myth gorgon (which she is), but that she *had a black ancestor*.

decided to pick up touhou luna nights again because it's starring sakuya, the most ashcore touhou character, and also it has *adorable* pixel art

"without the vietnam war, we would not have pokemon. you can quote me on that and put it on mastodon. maybe don't actually do that. unless you want me cancelled. do you want me cancelled?! god, you're actually posting that, aren't you. you're terrible and i love you." -- @duchess

re: the demon with the holy sword 

"ash isn't naming things the Nameless X a massive fantasy cliche"

yes but i like it

also the conception vyr and i came up with was that it was *older* than the church. they don't even know where it came from (and the demon doesn't recognize it either), but such a weapon is clearly useful on their crusades, and so.

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this came up when i was thinking about how the Nameless Blade in It Kills Monsters works

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magic items that 'detect evil' and are extra powerful against 'evil' and so on

except 'evil' is measured according to the wielder's alignment system

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