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when are we going to get a manga where the protagonist wakes up with breasts and her first reaction is "oh fuck YES, time to post about it online"

with the semantics of roughly: "this is very bad, and the way in which it's very bad is so obvious it doesn't need to be said"

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"the good thing about it is that it's really good" is my favorite mcelroyism and it's been infecting my normal thought processes

lily's been playing this gacha game called Witch's Weapon, and the premise is... a thing

> In the summer of 2037, the world is destroyed by the activation of Substance H. Ren, the only boy who lived, made a wish on the Ross Goblet, wishing that all this were just a dream. With a flash of white light, he found the city back to normal the next morning and himself a girl. Meanwhile, the Ross Goblet disappeared from its site under the watchful eyes of a dozen surveillance devices. After a confusing battle, the young girl gains the magic of witches, and the conspiracy of Substance H among various political forces got underway...

i still can't believe that the nethack dev team released 3.6 after literally 10+ years since the last update

The Bulgarian solitaire and the mathematics around it
Article by Vesselin Drensky
In collections: Easily explained, Games to play with friends, History, Puzzles
The Bulgarian solitaire is a mathematical card game played by one person. A pack of \(n\) cards is divided into several decks (or "piles"). Each move consists of the removing of one card from each deck and collecting the removed cards to form a...
Entry: read.somethingorotherwhatever.

ughhhh i hate when i find a band that's small enough that i don't want to pirate their stuff but i can only buy their music from amazon or something instead of bandcamp :<

i opened up Sketchbook to draw out something for my current draft and this popped up instead of a blank doc. i don't remember drawing this at all but fuck it here's mint showing off, i dunno, her cabinet of freshly squeezed dumb binch juice probably

need a law that only 5 anime max per season are allowed to be exported to foreign markets, the rest of the world doesn’t need the newest light novel adaptation about a assassin vampire boy who gets a harem of imotos and a 13 year old girl that wants him to put her socks on for her or whatever the fuck.

more System Shock 1 source code revelations: Edward Diego babe status confirmed

The Scraping Thing 

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The Scraping Thing 

puts on dragonforce

runs `rustup update; cargo build`

yep, it's gamer time

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