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Zoot suit Samus
Throw back a bottle a' be~er
Zoot suit Samus
Pull a comb through yer long blonde hair

the guide for the Ash Aesthetic is that she should look like she's easily capable of destroying everything within a 200-foot radius of her without having to spin up her cooling fans

and then of course, the one that started me on this 'white-haired robot girl that could kill you without thinking' kick

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i don't understand why there are dipshits shipping the teacher from persona 5 with joker when they could be shipping her with the hot goth doctor

Queer update: Currently, I'm feeling queerly queer.


someone: robots........
me: nodding in agreement
someone: that are women
me: visibly excited
someone: and love other women
me: hooting and hollering

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inherently digital

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