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i have somehow gotten three exalted orbs as drops in path of exile by level 85

starting a new genre of music. it's called badcore. it sucks

hey last few hours to nab Y? for free (my furry lesbian comic from 15 years ago)

(cw smoking in the pic)

i guess that's why they call her your


update: the cat stole my credentials and now she has authenticated physical access and is reading my diary

be careful out there! do not fall for this scam!

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i have to re-authenticate every time i want to pet my own friggin' cat?!

anyway i rinsed a lot of oil and debris off my chassis so i feel better

i have taken the opportunity afforded me by my recent unemployment to do something I've wanted to for a long time: i have finally made a makeup instruction video!

it's nowhere near comprehensive, but i tried to make the video something for absolute beginners, so you can watch my routine as i stop and explain what i'm doing for you as i go. it's made especially for trans women like me but it's for anyone who's intimidated by makeup imo

please share!


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