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since people were talking about how windows's linux stuff is part of an EEE campaign: what's their plan? linux on the desktop isn't much of a thing anyway, and i can't see microsoft doing *anything* that would get server admins to actually switch

making the dial up noise when i cant think of a word

sony: the new playstation will be able to push a gajillion polygons
squeenix: my god, think of the twinks that can render

so apparently there's a game called helltaker that's a short free 1-hour puzzle game about building a harem of demon girls in hell

unfortunately, it's heterosexual. but the demon girl designs are cute, and it doesn't look like it takes itself *too* seriously

i'm going to figure out a way to sue disney for putting a genderbent version of me in tron legacy

sent a PR to an open-source project for the first time in... basically ever?


tfw you fuck up bit order

(the demo image is just some dude's face from a notification thing i'm using for tests)

one of those "coexist" bumper stickers but its a bunch of different fandoms instead

i do wish that there was a 'random color scheme across *all* palettes' button but the new 'pick random palette, pick random colors within it' is also very good

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ye best start believin' in flash fiction, Miss Turner. you and your mint condition baby shoes are IN one

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