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@hierarchon "and do you know who can help you "ascend" to the kingdom of heaven?"

Dinosaurs: warn blooded or cold blooded? Scales or feathers? These are the questions herpetologists and paleontologists have asked for years. My new theory: none. The reason we can only find fossils is because they were only ever bones to begin with. That meteor broke the magic obelisk that was giving them life. Thank you very much

[youth pastor voice] we all love roguelikes and hate savescumming, but you know who managed to avoid permadeath so he could 'save' the 'scum'? that's right,

Actually useful empirical metric to bias all AI/ML/RL/NN/Robotics academia/industry around:

Would an equivalent number of humans paid a living wage perform better than your classist toys given all the money you've burned to date?

it's only a roguelike if it's compiled in the rogue region of france, otherwise it's just sparkling permadeath

I want you to leave the first comment on a fanfic, the first boost of an art post, the first review of an app. I want you to DM people just to say you like their work.

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leveling up helped, realizing that i can and should use force boost/break for random encounters also helped

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a reminder to everyone that on friday july 3 bandcamp is waiving its profit share so 100% of the money you spend will go to the artists

it's another good opportunity to give money to black musicians and labels, over 2,000 of whom are listed here:

maybe use the week to have a listen and see who you'd like to support on friday

Anime? Yes, I use an IME for emoji input.

couldn't decide what to call my EO Nexus guild so i just called them Lesbians

me, looking at a transbian couple on fedi: so which one takes pictures of yourselves in thigh-high socks and which one posts them

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