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there was no consensus. if you wanna picture the scene, imagine about 9 middle school boys checking their nails in different ways, loudly arguing about which of them is gayer, while lil morgan was sitting in a corner gayly drinking their apple juice

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one of my most memorable "gender roles are nonsense" moments was when i was a kid and my classmates were arguing over which way of checking your nails was gay

just looked up at my reflection in the bathroom mirror with my mask on and had a brief moment of 'oh, she's hot'

has anyone made an incremental game about japanese singers

you know, an idol idle

When the moon hits your eye like a grid of nine guys, that's a Morris

almost caught up!!! #artfight

1 - ChemicalLesters@af
2 - deibelchen@af
3 - bookworm1221@af
4 - AikaTheChemicalShite@af

Metroid music ESPECIALLY pre Prime music is so wild because it was intentional made to be disonant and unerving but that hasn't stopped anyone out there from arranging it into hundreds of different genres, all off it well beyond the original intent but still completely Metroid.

In Paper Mario: The Origami King, looking through a telescope at Overlook Tower shows a close-up of a Toad's face (left). The lens can't be moved in-game; however, the face is only part of a full unique Toad sprite that can be seen by extracting it from the game's files (right).

i still can't believe that Sayonara Wild Hearts is one of the queerest games ever *and it's completely accidental*

"but ash, what about checks"

you can pull money from someone's account using their routing number and account number. all the other fancy shit is just to make it so the check is harder to forge.

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for all of bitcoin's terrible sins, the fact that you can just pay someone money without giving them the ability to pull arbitrary amounts of money from your account is really good

what if i added a background to that's just, like, a very heavily blurred image a la a terminal with background blur

Youtube is about to remove community contributions like closed captions/subtitles:

"Community contributions will be discontinued across all channels after 28 September 2020."

multiverse setting concept sketch // 

someone in an idle game discord sent me a link to and that was *fun*

took me like an hour or two to beat it. very worth it.

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