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there's a scam called the 'black money scam' that has, as its central thing, showing the victim a briefcase full of what is supposedly money dyed black so the authorities won't realize it's cash. the scammer then picks a bill and 'washes' it with a solution that supposedly removes the black coloring, and then asks the victim for money to buy more of the solution.

and in order to try to catch people who search for the name of the solution, there are a bunch of fake websites of that pretend to manufacture the stuff. and if you search 'vectrol paste', 'tebi-manetic', or 'anti-breeze', you can find a bunch of them. fake companies pretending to sell a product that doesn't exist.

and sometimes i have to convince myself that this isn't, like, somehow a moral failing

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i was literally like 90% of the way through the game too, but for some reason *finishing* games always requires a massive hunk of do-stuff-good juice and i don't have any of that

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i decided to finally just look up how crosscode ends because i've been stuck on like zero dopamine for finishing games

i really need to mod my oculus quest so i can actually install custom songs on it

Me, hearing a bell toll: haha sick nice bell
Me, after finding out for whom the bell tolls: fuck! Shit!!

my own ffxiv drama story 

> Generalizing harshly and broadly but implying “you know which ones I mean” is an intellectual and rhetorical laziness that is not allowed to pass anywhere else in these communities. Because we don’t get to choose who our words and behavior affect, we are obligated to choose them carefully.

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oh good nixos's updated discord finally percolated down to me so now i can actually fucking use it

i really need to just remember what to do if this happens again

basically the thing is that poe requires like 10-15 hours of investment in a character before you can actually map with it, and i've done that so many times i'm hitting burnout. chronicon seems like it requires way less of that.

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i think i'll just play chronicon instead

maybe i'll give poe 2 a shot when that comes out... whenever. probably 2021.

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long ai pop star backstory 

ffff i want to play path of exile

but also i think i'll do the same thing i did last time which is burn out like in t3 maps

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