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hey buddy what the fuck your doing here im fucking dead." says buddy what the fuck.

"Buddy what the fuck are you doing here?" says buddy

what do you think tony hawk calls "tony hawk's pro skater"? does he just call it "my pro skater"?

i keep thinking 'hmm maybe i should try wayland because it seems modern' and then i look at all the shit that breaks in wayland because it doesn't natively support things like 'is this window visible' or specifying the position of a window and i'm like '... okay, guess i'll stick with X11'

did you know that i'm farsighted in one eye and nearsighted in the other, and that only one of my eyes is astigmatic?

it's like heterochromia except shitty

i have two moods with respect to robots and gender:

"i don't need to display femininity in order to be a girl. i want the outline of tits and narrow hips, but i'd still be a woman even if i was utterly non-gendered."


"hell yeah i've got a titanium spine give me the BIG TITS"

honestly if i *had* to say one good thing about my adhd it's that it means that my symbolic engine is always jamming concepts i come across against other things in my database to try to come up with funy joke

Please fund my Kickstarter for a project that's basically just redrawing Watchmen except Rorschach's mask always has a Yaranaika face on it.

for a moment i was very deeply confused by this subject line but then i remembered the context behind it

thinking about getting trapped in some kind of futuristic video game where i can't leave unless i win the game

what do you mean modern video games often don't have well-defined "endings", aiming instead to be the only game you play until the sequel comes out and constantly patching new content in or relying on multiplayer modes

i think i wanna throw this on the Blogge Post pile

'the editor wars are over, and neither side won'

bad lewd joke 

- some kinda package-management niceness of course
- evil-mode
- org-mode
- whatever language support i need
- other aesthetics stuff

i'm not a big believer in emacs-as-an-operating-system tbh

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i might give emacs another shot

this time, no spacemacs or anything, just picking my own plugins and configuring them by hand

so, basically, I’m gardevoir

I live in an apartment in a human city (I don’t usually go into detail where, because shinies are valuable and trainers get weird about it) and basically just try to pass for human so nobody tries to throw a ball at me while I’m grocery shopping. It’s tough sometimes but it sucks *way* less than the rain out in the forest, let me tell you


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