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i'm watching prageru ytps and it's cracking me the fuck up

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imagine a group of propagandists so powerful they could beam their propaganda directly into your ass

if i were a C programmer, i would simply write memory-safe code. it's that easy.

Her sword was sharp, but her mind was sharper, so her blade was rarely drawn.

One day she was challenged to a duel. A crowd gathered, eager to witness her skills.

Her opponent hurled sly insults and she redirected it with finesse.

The crowd grew, holding their breaths, expecting a clashing of steel any moment.

The tongue lashings went on for hours, then both women went silent.

"So, dinner at my place?"

"I'd love to."

The crowd aww'd.

#TootFic #MicroFiction #Writing #TerylsTales #Fantasy

(I didn't explain the semantics because that's a whole Conversation)

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I got compliments on my QVP mask at the optometrist, and when I said my friend made the design she said she thought it was cool B) @irisjaycomics

think i just want to implement stuff now and refactor out common code into a trait later

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ugh i am stuck trying to figure out how to abstract the drawing of layers in my game...

thinking about whether i wanna get the new hyrule warriors

all the reviews that were iffy/negative on it seemed to approach it as a zelda game and not a musou, and i liked hyrule warriors 1

i should probably try the demo first at least... and actually beat botw

“hope this offends” is the hegelian synthesis of “hope this helps” and “sorry if this offends”, hope this helps

(a lot of cooling depends on basically conducting your heat to the atmosphere, which is obviously impossible in a vacuum; you can only cool by radiating heat, which is a lot slower typically)

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aura's listening to some podcast (i think friends at the table) and i overheard the phrase "because they're in space, where they don't need to worry about cooling as much" and i immediately went "that's not how that works!"

i don't think being a kobold is so much about who you are or what species you belong to

its about making people regret letting you near a fire hose

date sorting would have been easier if the months were in alphabetic order.


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