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kink shitpost 

Fourier TF
Forced Fourierification

uspol shitpost 

we could've avoided all of this if we had just listened to Hillary and pokemon gone to the polls :(

oh no

i did some digging and it turns out that the manga is actually, like, competently drawn? even if the story is like boring generic anime trash complete with pointless titty shits

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i'm going to watch ex-arm (that really shitty crunchyroll original anime) tonight with @vyr and maybe @millenomi

it's going to be awful

I kinda wanna make a search engine that instance admins can run that lets you do stuff like search all posts your instance knows about and is just generally better than the shitty mastodon search

shark fursona with a top that says "be gray do crimes"

if grimes kins the trinity bomb test does that mean her pronouns are H/He

@hierarchon I've taken to assuming that the games in most of those shows are, in fact, evolved from AI Dungeon, and thus there's no meaningful way to have a wiki, because a neural network is making the whole thing up on the fly. it would certainly explain some of the design decisions in Bofuri, for example.


bofuri drinking game: take a shot every time someone says orb

ffxiv screenshotting, gay, more wedding pictures 

i said "wow! cool robot!" on stream when the kiss sailed over her head

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it's unfortunate that 4kids edits the guns out of yu-gi-oh because kaiba disarms one by jamming the hammer with a fuckin' yu-gi-oh card that he throws from ACROSS THE ROOM

most generic MMO anime is really just generic fantasy anime except where people can die without consequences

like everybody's like "wow, i didn't know this skill existed!" as if modern MMOs don't have the entire contents of fights revealed from pre-patch preload datamining

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