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"death blart" sounds like some kind of weird animal disease like flystrike

2021 is going to be the year i start taking chassis maintenance seriously

Chainsaw Man dares to ask the hard hitting question, "what if a man was a chainsaw"

screenreader-unfriendly, politics shitpost 

when joe biden walks back on his promise of a big titty goth gf for every american


Night Watch is the Shadowbringers of Discworld books in that it's very good but absolutely requires you to have experienced the lead-in to get the full impact

so i'm a spider spoilers? don't read unless you're current on the manga 

given the timing of the egg and feirun, and the fact that the character that shows up in the latest episode is probably the vampire girl, i'm pretty sure that the human scenes take place over a decade after the spider scenes

the so I'm a spider dub translates chuuni as edgelord, which is *fantastic*

"itadakimasu" translation alignment chart

neutral good: "thanks for the meal"
true neutral: leave it untranslated
lawful evil: ... but with a translator note
neutral evil: ... on every single occurrence
chaotic evil: "rub-a-dub-dub, thanks for the grub"

if you think about it, all games are turn based, and each frame is a turn

my gender is now only the first 30 characters of the bee movie script :(

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oh dammit twitter fixed the thing where you could shove like 100K characters into the 'gender' field it uses for analytics

i remember watching it with my girlfriend and both of us agreeing that we would kill to have a PM like her

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buy some new hand cream

open it up

"oh, i hate the way it smells"


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