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anyway gonna go have some soylent and then walk over to Asexual Hardware to replace the incandescent fthat burned out in the bathroom (as well as the other matching one)

oh hey fdroid!newpipe got an update to.... actually work

i have terrible issues with memory

and yet somehow i can remember that 796.352 is the dewey decimal system number for golf, despite not being at all interested in golf in two decades

i want a sakuya izayoi fumo but they're like $150 so.... no

also i love how one of GE's marketing websites for their lightbulbs talks about how they have better color reproduction

and then has a little "Photo enhanced to dramatize the difference in color" disclaimer on the image comparisons

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it's funny how modern light bulbs are sold with a wattage figure as the main figure of merit... except the wattage corresponds to the equivalent figure for an older, semi-obsolete technology, not the actual energy usage

oh sure, people love to talk about being gay and doing crimes, but when I defraud thousands of people by pretending to be from their car insurance company suddenly I'm problematic???

(context: this is the 'gap closer' ability in that game i'm occasionally poking at)

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one time i saw someone describe vaping as "puffing candy from a robot's dick" as an insult and like

wow, way to make me *want* to do it

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