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Monty Hall: Would you like to switch?
Me, remembering the solution and how to maximize my chances of obtaining a goat: No.

I can't decide if Kotaro is the worst manager or the best one

I think he alternates

every single time I see a character named Junko I think of dangan ronpa

during my edgy times 3 years ago me and another friend exploited limitations of vkontakte api to make a chain of bots that are impossible to kick from group chats, which we then used to spam school group chats. so, while my friend was writing the bot handler script he noticed that vkontakte's banning/unbanning returns before altering the state.

I wrote a script that sends a message -> bans the person -> unbans -> goto 1 and ran it 20 times. the message was only sent 10 times. so I reported this bug to vkontakte's bugtracker (which I got access to by using a forged id because I am not old enough to sign ndas on my real name lol). then I successfully forgot about it and stopped using vkontakte altogether about a year after.

today I was talking with the friend that found the bug and he reminded me about it. so I decided to take a look at the bug report status. the support agent named "Senko-san" replied 2 years after with "why would you ever need to do this" and rejected the report. wonderful

"There's that elusive foot! Now THAT's something you don't see every day. Well done!"

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my friend sent me this screenshot of the new pokemon snap and


Please do not base your linguistic arguments on historical facts, e.g. "this pronoun was used in 1300s" or similar.

Because this legitimises other historical arguments, like for example those against genderless language in German, French, and similar.

Languages change all the time and we don't need something to have been around for centuries or decades to be acceptable. "Covid" or "corona" weren't really words used like today in any language before March 2020, now probably they are words in almost all living languages and one of the most frequently used words.

Please be careful to avoid legitimising unscientific and fallacious arguments unintentionally. It's eventually harmful to those who are the most oppressed by such arguments.

i think RHEL spinoffs as a category should be called Same Hat Enterprise Linux

my confession is that i am really really bad at following fight scenes in mangas

@SophiaSurname @ahamkara ohgod ohfuck its Ms. Twilight The Light Of A Particular Star That Would Break Children's Minds

i feel like i'm hung over but without all the fun of having been drunk last night

i am so used to wife jokes i did not even blink at "this is not my beautiful house this is not my beautiful wife" just being some weird wife guy chant we made up

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