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personally, i think he's mackling just about the right amount

?????, really bad, ash what the fuck 

t3h hitl0r was not epic bacon sauce... :(

if anyone asks what the 2020 elections were like i will show them this image and nothing else

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thinking about how holly monorail is a large glaceon tbh

like i know he can't tell them he got isekai'd because otherwise he dies but surely *they'd* start asking questions

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do the people in re:zero ever comment on how subaru's tracksuit is made out of an entirely different material that nobody would've ever seen before and has technology unheard of (the zipper) omg

software for transmitting from a raspberry pi using a piece of wire stuck in a GPIO pin as an antenna

i have traveled across the sky
a thousand million light-years past the edge of time
i take for granted what nobody can
to travel far beyond is just my master plan

Before you stand two trolleys, one never lies and the other contains a goat. Maxwell's demon asks if you'd like to switch trolleys

one of the funniest code comments I ever got was when I had a back-and-forth with my reviewer where I had to do something really ugly, they kept asking me whether X would work, I said "no, because Y", and then I eventually just got

"LGTM: I give up"

people talking about mill in magic is always funny to me because i remember when mill was the shitty archetype that was never any good

same with lifegain cards, back before they printed cards that would trigger off you gaining life/cards that were like "you gain N life and also do this other useful thing"

PSA for cats 

You are kitty! Kitty! Mew mew mew :blobfoxaww:

frogger is a pre-isekai. the trucks are all trying to send the frog to an rpg setting

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