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my big problem is

i love making things, but i also like making them 'from scratch'; i have huge NIH syndrome lmao

i was hoping sub-rosa could be a fun little project for myself but now i'm back in the weeds of 'how do i manage the security model for this' and bleh. bleh bleh. :(

Bitcoin 2 mining will have a feature where people who mine too much of it over too long a period of time in certain spans will be blocked from mining it and assigned an untradeable NFT of the wikipedia article on black lung

i think i might switch from riseup to fastmail

having actual calendars and custom domains seems nice

i am working on a patreon-to-rss thing that works based off your notification emails, and i have a dilemma

do i want to recommend people run this against their e-mail accounts, or do i want to recommend people forward those e-mails to a separate address

[2021-05-12T22:42:49Z INFO sub_rosa] Got info: PostInfo { creator: Creator { name: "Iris Jay", id: "irisjay", url: "" }, post_url: "", title: Some("crossed wires 03.116"), body: None }
[2021-05-12T22:42:49Z INFO sub_rosa] Got info: PostInfo { creator: Creator { name: "aimkid", id: "aimkid", url: "" }, post_url: "", title: Some("preview of the full first scene!!!!"), body: None }

ay, it's working

i have to decide if i want the recommended setup for sub-rosa (my patreon email to rss thing) be "run this on your actual e-mail account" or "set up a separate account that you forward patreon e-mails to"

the latter is more secure but more annoying, the former is more convenient but means that if i get compromised (or your package manager does) you could get screwed also please look at this destiny 2 lore entry, which is literally just a giant Hackers reference, down to the names

asexuals on Xbox live be like
"I had a wonderful evening dinner with your mom last night"

sidekiq fell over again...

tried just restarting the server to see if that fixes it

though now that i think about it, since i'm scraping stuff i probably don't actually want to rely on the presence of CSS selectors, and instead do this by looking more at the structure. bleh.

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fortunately the patreon emails have CSS classes in them, even though they don't actually embed a stylesheet

"Any horse is only a pony when compared to your Pa," said Brownie, unconscious

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