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friend linked me a Kids These Days And Their Goddamn Smart Phones article and we're just relentlessly dunking on it

also "We're All Teenage Girls Now" is the funniest fucking title

it really does bother me how rare it is for an android application to actually have like... consistent UI with the more 'modern' design stuff

it's janky as hell and doesn't sync stuff like how far i've read, but eh

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okay, i have a setup

get the epub through Entirely Legal Means, then upload it to calibre on the server via the calibre-server interface

then it shows up in the opds feed on moon+ reader, foliate, whatever, and i can just download it

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it looks like calibre has a built-in server that exposes an opds feed, which is compatible with various ebook readers (such as foliate) so you can download books, get info, etc

is calibre still the ebook manager of choice on linux, or what other options are there?

i might just do it. i can't even find it on pirate sites, and downloading stuff from youtube makes me go :||| because i literally got a 128 kbps aac out of it

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i already have a custom card that @millenomi designed for me but it's for her archenemy set

so it has no casting cost (because you cast it via a scheme) and the ultimate is a bit, uh, overpowered ("Exile all creatures target player controls. Their life total becomes 1.")

i wanna buy this album but literally the only place i can find that will just give me mp3s for it is amazon


video game discourse 

like, it's not 2016 any more! genshin impact, arknights, girls frontline (and the upcoming sequels/spinoffs), punishing gray raven all exist. you can't just throw a bunch of shit together!

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You well never confuse the emergency and non-emergency numbers (cw police logo and traumatized/upset facial expression in image)

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