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i forgot about the bit in hellsing where alucard straight up brainwashes a twink


a thing that i don't really think i agree with any more is "white people don't have any culture"

like sure there's no shared culture among *all* white people but it's not like there's a shared culture among black people or Asian people either. it's all regional.

and even if you restrict yourself to america there clearly is a "white american culture" (or a collection of them), and saying there isn't is like saying that Midwesterners "don't have an accent"

this is mostly because of me thinking about how, like, if you're a cishet white american dude you don't really have any cultural heritage to hold on to in that worldview and i imagine that would kind of really suck? like people keep saying "oh, connect with your Irish/German/whatever ancestry" but why would I want to connect with some country I've never been to and don't have any parents or grandparents in when I could instead look at the country I've been living in all my life?

i tried taking that self care advice that says you should act like you're dating yourself but then my self broke up with me over text and now all my friends are trying to talk me out of getting back together with my toxic ex-self

i think one of the other big things emacs has that nvim doesn't is better ways to get documentation for functions/variables

the big things that i can think of that i know nvim doesn't support is that you can't embed images or do different-sized fonts even in the gui version since it's primarily terminal-oriented, as opposed to emacs which has gui support first class

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... i kinda wanna give neovim a shot again tbh

especially now that there's more lua support


oh, rust 1.55 is dedicated to anna's memory

that's sweet

magic the gathering 2023

"I tap my Gandalf the White to destroy your Morty"

"In response, I flash in Rick, Drunken Genius and sacrifice the Morty to draw two cards"

i see that arknights is continuing the tradition of gachas having a joan of arc character

jrpg where the church turns out to not be sinister at all

ffxiv heavensward, really bad 

ysalye is a shivakin factive

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